– Microphones – 

Polar Patterns

Types of Microphones

  • Dynamic –

    The magnetic moving coil assembly, which needs more sound pressure level (SPL) to generate signal out of the mic, is generally used on guitar amps, drums, vocals, horns, such instruments can generate a lot of air pressure to move air, to make the coil move, which creates the electrical signal, that represents the instrument being played.

  • Condenser

    An electrically-charged diaphragm assembly, utilizing a circular thin metal sheet for the diaphragm with a backing plate, creates a capacitor with high sensitivity. This capacitor can store a charge (polarize) between the diaphragm and the back plate. To get the charge there, we must send voltage, in this case  48v phantom power from the preamp, to the capacitor. This charge makes the capacitor very sensitive to sound pressure waves. The waves vibrate this very thin metal (or metal-coated-plastic) diaphragm, which in turn, generates the electrical signal, which again, represents the instrument we are recording.

  • Ribbon
  • PZM/Boundry
  • Electret – 

    Similar to a condenser, an electret condenser microphone has a charge, but a permanent charge, which is maintained by conductive material on the backplate or diaphragm.

– Audio Levels –